Bertha Millithew Tattle is a world famous model. She is a bad taste nerd and is often considered to have the worst taste of them all. She has worked for many companies in her modeling career but at the moment she models new types of glasses at the Bowl. She is married to Sir Rodney Toddles and has three children; Gregany, Milithew and Algebrin.

According to an interview, the most expensive item she has ever bought are a pair of solid gold designer spectacles officially agreed to be the third most nerdiest item in the world.

Bertha is 91% bad taste nerd, 3% snooty nerd, 2% train spotting geek, 2% maths nerd and 2% unknown.

Bertha was born to loving parents Nelly and Nedson Tattle. She lived in Dweebshire and attended the School of Shy. She started modeling at 19, and has never stopped since. She met her husband in Plimpyton, a small village near Freckleville. They got married a year later.