Dweebshire is an average-sized Nerderland city near the sea. It has a large delta in it. Dweebshire is famous for its hairdressers and barbers that reside in the Bowl, the Oldbowl and the Afterbowl. The wimpy/weedy nerds in Dweebshire worship Ned Finnegan which is made obvious when one visits The Ned Finnegan collection. Dweebshire is ruled by Mr and Mrs Frecklewimp and has its own news paper, the Dweebshire Times.



Famous LandmarksEdit

The Bowl (this is where every nerd gets his hair cut), college of the Easily Bullied, the Ned Finnegan collection, Spodlean library and the wimpy market.

Most common nerd speciesEdit

Wimpy/weedy nerds take up 67% of the population. Many families travel from all over the world for their children to go to the school of Shy and the college of the Easily Bullied. 30% of the population are bad taste nerds, who work in the Bowl and cut almost every nerds hair. 3% are maths nerds, who only live here because of the libraries and schools.