The Bowl is a nerdy haircutting and fashion centre. It is shaped like a gigantic bowl haircut and dominates one whole side of the Dweeb river in Dweebshire.

There are six departments in the Bowl including department of bowl cuts and plaits, department of spectacles and glasses, department of diamond-knitted and roll-necked jumpers, department of corduroy clothing, department of socks + sandals and department of braces and other accessories.

The Bowl was founded by Veronica Spiddle and has had countless supreme hairstylists throughout the ages, the current one being Sir Rodney Toddles. The structure that makes up the Bowl is relatively new, in fact, it was made only 50 years ago. The Bowl existed long before this but was housed in a smaller bowl-shaped building now named the Oldbowl. There is also another secondary bowl named the Afterbowl.

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